Afrykamera Festival

Within the frame of its “Citizenship Education” project, Harambi Foundation is co-organizing the 12th edition of the African Film Festival “Afrykamera” in Poland. The Festival is launched in different polish towns and cities. More information can be obtained on the official web site of the festival

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Ratujemy dzieci z P. Sudanu

W Sudanie Południowym trwa klęska głodu, z tego powodu zagrożone jest życie ok 700 tys. dzieci. Ponadto trzy miliony dzieci jest niedożywionych.

Fundacja Harambi we współpracy z Humanitarian Development Agency organizują zbiórkę pieniędzy na rzecz dzieci z Sudanu Południowego. Każda złotówka się liczy i ratuje życie.

Pomóż dzieciom i przekaż dowolną kwotę na rachunek: 79 1090 1883 0000 0001 3281 3875, Bank Zachodni WBK SA, z dopiskiem “dzieci SP

Los dzieci nie jest nam obojętny.

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African Evening


Wieczór Afrykański organizowany wspólnie przez Fundacja Harambi, Fundacja dla Somali oraz Fundacja “Africa Connect” w ramach świętowania Dnia Afryki

W programie między innymi:
– część oficjalna,
– Część artystyczna
– Poczęstunek Afrykański.

An African Evening orgnised by Harambi Foundation, Foundation for Somalia and Africa Connect Foundation on celberation of Africa Day.

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Sudanese Day

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Education for a Sustainable Future in Developing Countries


The reality for many developing countries within the region of Africa is that there are not very many children who have the opportunity to graduate from a secondary school. And the stark fact is that many children often are not able to have access to finishing primary school.

For example, in the nation of Ghana, it is reported that only approximately fifty percent of the children are able to complete grade 5. Among those who do, it has been discovered that fewer than half of those children have the ability to understand a paragraph that is relatively basic and simple. Continue reading

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24-Year-Old Ghanaian Develops App for Autistic Children

Living with autism in Ghana has just been made more bearable since HopeSetters, an autism center, came out with a locally configured autism app that helps children with autism receive better education.

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Donate your woolens this winter

 During the Holy days of Christmas, our  Foundation is  transferring  offerings and gifts to The Children of Sudan and South Sudan.

This is to support the developing projects run by our Coptic Orthodox Church in both The Sudan as well as South Sudan. The main aim of these projects is to let the Sudanese people to be economically independent and self-sufficient.

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Philosophy of Communal Work (Harambee)

Harambi Foundation acts under the philosophy of Communal Work ( Harambi/Harambee) . Communal Work is when a gathering takes place to accomplish a task. A number of cultures have such gatherings, often for the purpose of providing manual labor. Continue reading

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